About Chris Jouan

     Christopher Jouan was born in New Jersey, grew up south of San Diego, and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. He attended San Diego State University starting as an Aerospace Engineering major and finishing in the Graphic Design department emphasizing in illustration. His technical art appears in hundreds of educational books from Lucent, Gale, and Greenhaven Press. His science fiction art has appeared in the Canadian magazine Challenging Destiny.

     Chris is a stickler for deadlines. In fact he has not missed one since he began freelancing in 1994.

My Process

     Every assignment begins with sketches until a few great ideas reveal themselves. Since these are in my own visual shorthand I select the best (usually three) for a more finished treatment. These rough "comps" are submitted for approval and any adjustments as necesssary. Though I am constantly researching throughout, this is when the reference becomes most important. After approvals, the final art is created, submitted (on time!), and ready to publish.

     I am dedicated to making the best art and always giving more than expected.

It is simply what I do....

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